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Welcome to our website! We are here to serve you and deliver an amazing roof over your head! Whether you live in a 4000 sq. ft. villa or a more humble 800 sq. ft. home we promise to deliver quality every time. As the best roof contractor in Grapevine this is part of our motto, amazing service for amazing people at an amazing price! It’s doesn’t get better here in the North Dallas area.

We started up in Grapevine many years ago, but lately have started to branch out and expand. Then we realized that there are many other folks out there who need help in their home improvement. We are here to help. Our experts in roof repairs go the extra mile to make sure that your home is alwaysgrapevine roofing protected. When storms hit, rest assured because our professional contractors have the best experience in building and maintaining amazing roofs that LAST.

Feel free to explore the other pages of our site. We serve our neighbors in Carrollton and Keller and the outlying areas as well! As time has passed we have only improved our trade and made life better for our clients. Our clients are really like our family. When you work with us at Grapevine Roof Contractor.com you are joining an amazing team that will treat you like our own flesh and blood. Because that is how we want to be treated, it’s our Golden Rule.

So contact us today, simply fill out your name, address and a number to reach you with and our expert roofers will be with you shortly!

I am so excited to be working with you on something that you value greatly. And trust me, we take our job seriously because it’s not about hammers, nails, shingles and hard work- that is what it takes to make a roof. It’s really about the men, women and children under the roof kept safe and sound! And of course, making sure that roof looks nice too!